About This Gig

 Please discuss with me before buying, it may not serve your purpose or it may be the wrong gig for your goal. Zoom meeting can be arranged to replace the receiving of a report if time allowed and with prior scheduling.

The healing modality holds great potentials to certain extents depending on your body’s response to it.

The #Emotion Code and #Body Code modalities release past and present trapped feelings and emotions, and reset the body to the state of holistic balance.

The body needs up to two days to process the healing session.  This is a processing time, when you may feel echos of the #trapped #emotions that were just released. Most of the time, the processing is pretty mild and isn’t really noticed.

Note: Please be noted I am not claiming any healing or curing.

I don’t give any medical advise or replace the need of a physician’s consultation. The method is a way to instruct your body to promote its own wellness.

Rate me based on the work I promised to deliver not results you have expected.

For more information please visit Dr. Bradly’s website www.discoverhealing.com, or www.energyhealingcode.com